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Considered by many to be the most prestigious and exclusive addresses in Portland, Dunthorpe is known for its large homes and lavish properties that are tucked away within the mountain slopes overlooking the Willamette River, Mount Hood and the most breathtaking sunrises each morning. It is an ideal location for affluent couples or families looking for a remote living feel, but close enough to high-end shopping centers, grocery stores and professional businesses. Dunthorpe’s exclusivity, scenery and privacy factors have attracted former congressional senators, congressmen, active and retired professional basketball players, actors and top Fortune 500 executives and their families.

Just 10 minutes from downtown Portland and even closer to the city of Lake Oswego, Dunthorpe is a completely residential community. Set amidst the flora and fauna of Bishop’s Close, a 13-acre estate filled with English-style gardens, and residents often are met by deer and rabbits from the nearby Tryon Creek State Park, a popular spot for hiking, jogging, dog walking and horse trails. Due to its proximity to the river, Dunthorpe those neighboring the scenic river are able to access the water for recreational activities ranging from boating, kayaking and swimming.

Not only does the school district offer an K-12 excellent education, but according to a recent report from 24/7 Wall Street, the Riverdale School District is the third richest school district in the United States. This is because voters of Riverdale School District passed a measure authorizing the District to issue bonds in an amount up to $21.5 million to renovate and expand the existing grade school building. The new school was rebuilt and opened in 2010.

When the area was founded in 1916, the minimum cost of a home was to be $3000. Today, zoning laws dictate lots be a minimum of 20,000 sq. feet with many properties exceeding an acre or more.

In 2016, the average median home price in Dunthorpe was $1,192,500.

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