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There is no shortage of charm and character in Oregon City. This historic city sits just 13 miles south of Portland and 20 miles from the Portland International Airport. Nestled at the meeting of the Willamette and Clackamas Rivers, it is home to the roaring Willamette Falls and 35,000 residents. Oregon City residents enjoy rural, suburban properties, and appreciate the small town vibe. Recently, many developers have taken to Oregon City to redevelop broken ranches and barns, and re-envision these properties into pristine pieces of real estate overlooking the rivers, mountains and sunsets.

Oregon City’s rich history and a pioneering spirit make this city unique and community proud. It is the first U.S. city west of the Rocky Mountains to be incorporated, and the town’s beginnings date back to 1815, as it is famously known to have been the last stop on the Oregon Trail. Previously, Oregon City served as the first state capital and currently holds the county seat of Clackamas County.

The California Gold Rush of 1849 caused a dramatic shift in the area’s economy early on, as Oregon City was an attractive destination for trade, especially when trading activity was first dominated by the Chinookan tribe. After the Gold Rush, Portland later replaced Oregon City as the area’s most important center of trade and commerce.

Aside from its rich history, Oregon City’s unique topography consists of three terraces which rise above the river, creating an elevation range from about 50 feet above sea level at the riverbank to more than 250 feet above sea level on the upper terrace. The lowest terrace, on which the earliest development occurred, is only three streets wide. Filled with historical and cultural attractions appreciated by both visitors and residents, the historic downtown area boasts a lively mix of antiques, cafes and specialty shops.

In 2016, the average median home price in Oregon city was: $296,750

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