St. Johns


St. Johns is a riverside neighborhood of Portland, located at the northern tip where the Columbia River and Willamette River converge. It sits on the northwest end of the beautiful and iconic St. Johns bridge neighboring Cathedral Park, Portsmouth and University Park (home of the University of Portland).

St. Johns is considered to be one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Portland, and the area is currently experiencing a noticeable influx of redevelopment. The neighborhood’s redevelopment efforts along its business streets triggered home buyers to become interested in St. Johns’ real estate, ranging from old to new, and varying in price points.

The walkable downtown core offers unique shops, boutiques, restaurants and coffee shops featured in popular Portland magazines and blogs. Recently, the core shopping area received significant internal and external improvements allowing these independent businesses to thrive, and driving home real estate home interest in the area.

Upon entering St. Johns there is a conspicuously placed sign in the traffic median which says, “Welcome to the Peninsula, Gateway to Nature”. Sightings of bald eagles and other birds of prey are common. St. Johns and North Portland are known for their proximity to natural habitats. There are many parks and natural areas in St. Johns, including Pier Park, the Columbia Slough, Kelley Point Park, Pier Park, and the Smith and Bybee Wetlands Natural Area. It is also near Cathedral Park and Baltimore Woods in the Cathedral Park neighborhood. Finally, bikers and hikers can find Forest Park directly across the Willamette River.

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