I bought it at Christie’s!

Interior designer Robert Kime describes how he came to acquire this magnificent tapestry — depicting a moment of triumph in the life of Alexander the Great — for just £7,500 ‘I do love buying tapestries. They are so out of fashion, and I’m not sure why that is — perhaps because they are impractical for most … Continue reading “I bought it at Christie’s!”

Essential Summer Events

The warmer summer months open up an array of activities around the world to enjoy. Whether you are a golf enthusiast, foodie or cultural lover, there are festivals near and far to enjoy. Here are our picks for Summer 2017. Porto Cervo Wine & Food Festival, Sardinia, Italy Set against the stunning backdrop of Italy’s Costa … Continue reading “Essential Summer Events”

Leading Industries in Portland Metro Area

Portland is commonly referred to as one of the most environmentally friendly and greenest cities in the world. With a metropolitan labor pool growing at six times the national average, companies in Portland have a well-established recruiting base that includes deep pools of skilled workers across all industry sectors, notably in technology, software, clean tech, and active/outdoor apparel … Continue reading “Leading Industries in Portland Metro Area”

Growth in the Luxury Market

Five years ago Terry Sprague strategically placed himself and his company at the forefront of real estate when he founded Luxe Platinum Properties in Lake Oswego and affiliated with Christie’s International Real Estate, the real estate arm of the esteemed auction house that was founded 250 years ago. The global exposure, strength of brand, network … Continue reading “Growth in the Luxury Market”

2016 Global Luxury Real Estate Report

From prime to ultra prime and beyond, the world of luxury real estate continues to evolve alongside the changing lifestyles, shifting financial objectives, and diverse preferences of those who purchase high-value homes. In this year’s Luxury Defined report, Christie’s International Real Estate offers a fresh perspective on how macroeconomic factors are impacting luxury home prices, inventory, and sales globally. This annual in-depth white … Continue reading “2016 Global Luxury Real Estate Report”

Room With a View

Interior design trends in doors and windows today lean towards the bigger the better. Large scale glass doors and windows are becoming more and more popular. The west coast benefits from stunning scenery from the waterways, coast to mountain ranges to expansive city views. Blending the indoor and outdoor living spaces makes sense. Not only are … Continue reading “Room With a View”


Lump Sum Relocation Payouts

More employers are relying on lump-sum allowances to cover relocation expenses, but is it really wise to expect employees to go it alone? During the booming 1990s, relocating an employee typically entailed a full-service package that covered every facet of the move, from selling a current home and buying a new home in the destination … Continue reading “Lump Sum Relocation Payouts”

Exclusive Luxury Brands